Trials and Tribulations: Working out the height

Initially Jules and I did some experiments shooting stills and short video clips on a Canon EOS 700D DSLR camera with a variety of wide-angle lenses.

I had an idea of the height above ground level the camera needed to be by taking standard shots of a chimney at a set distance on the horizontal from my house. I then looked around for a building that would lend itself to photographing the ground from a height of approximately 70 feet. Research showed that this was roughly the height of the safety rail around the circular viewing platform of Smeaton’s Tower on Plymouth Hoe.

LighthouseVenturing to the top with camera equipment is no mean feat itself as it a narrow and tortuous route via winding stone steps and wooden ladders. I had actually shot a piece of film about the lighthouse in collaboration with Nick Grew

Fortunately for us despite it being awful weather very misty and very cold and windy there was one person walking around the base of the lighthouse which gave us a sense of scale. Using a measurement from the bench seating I was able to roughly calculate the ration of the framed view.