Trials and Tribulations: Using photoshop to work out scale

By using Adobe Photoshop I could mask out the details and by extrapolating the single figure, (in white) it was possible to calculate the amount of people needed to fill the space at that height whilst the figures remained looking very small. The original figure can be seen in the centre in grey whilst the other colours relate to groups of one hundred people.


From there on in, it was a case of adjusting the heights. Initially I was looking at various platforms on which to operate cameras from.

MathEventually I considered using a multi-rotor drone for ease of use and contacted the specialist aerial photography company Flyonix. After a meeting at their workshops in Oakhampton, it became clear that for many reasons a platform would have advantages that outweighed the drone, as much to do with time factors as anything else. A company called Cropmec are supplying a 16.05 tonnes Merlo Roto 40.26 from which the cameras will be rigged and operated from the ground. This is, from my perspective, a great improvement as I had envisaged that I would be operating the cameras form a platform on a machine of a similar if not greater height.